Hope 100 Golf Marthon Rules
  1. Although the score is not of primary importance today, we will award prizes related to your score for finishing all 100 holes.  Therefore, scorecards are being provided for you to turn in.  One score will be counted even for teams of two or four. It will be the total of the best you score on each hole throughout the day (with handicaps) for an 18 hole total.
  2. Prizes will be awarded for the longest drive on the 1st hole, closest to the pin on all 4 par 3’s, low net and low gross scores.
  3. Play extremely READY golf, no practice swings, just get up to your ball and hit. Traditional course etiquette still applies.
  4. Each player will have their own cart. Carts will be switched out during the day approximately every 4 hours or as needed.
  5. Allow only 7 minutes on average to complete each hole.  You may want to set a phone alarm every 2 hours to judge your pace of play (you should be completing 18 holes every two hours).
  6. If you are falling behind an event marshal or representative may ask you speed up play or pick up and move on to the next hole. You may still complete 100 holes of golf even if you are asked to skip a hole.
  7. Please allow a maximum of 7 strokes per hole.
  8. There are no lost ball penalties.  Do not search for lost balls!  If you don’t drive right up to it, simply drop a ball near where you expected it to be and play on without any penalty.
  9. There are no Out of Bounds penalties. If you hit a ball OB, simply drop a ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball went OB and play on without penalty.
  10. There are no Water Hazard penalties. If you hit a ball in the water hazard, simply drop a ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball went into the hazard and play on without penalty.
  11. Do not pull the flag sticks.
  12. Any putt within 5 feet of the hole is considered “good”.
  13. No more than 2 putts per green.

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